Alpha Launch

Hello, esteemed Alpha testers and myJeenie community! I am excited to announce the release of our new app, myJeenie (currently in its Closed Alpha testing phase). In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our product and service in preparation for this release, and we greatly look forward to putting our product in the hands of our first batch of testers!

With myJeenie you can:

Prepare & schedule messages for your family and friends

Create and store memories that will be unlocked at a later time 

Protect your digital assets and schedule them for release to the people of your choosing 

Prepare for end-of-life in a light hearted and friendly environment 

Everyone on the team has sacrificed countless hours in the effort to get us ready for this release and I am really proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far. There is still a long road ahead before our vision is fully realized but we have made an amazing start. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for taking the time to help us make myJeenie a success! Please read the instruction below to get started Getting started guide I would like to remind everyone who is taking part in this Closed Alpha launch, this is a prototype! The application is not perfect; however, we are able to show off some of our platform’s key initial features to this closed group of testers.

Known Issues:

Privacy policy: All data will be wiped after the Closed Alpha testing period. Our current Privacy Policy does not reflect our long term goals. For our Open Beta release, and for our Official Launch, all user data will be private by default. The SocialFi feature will enable users to unlock their data for specific purposes in order to earn in-app incentives and eventual monetization. 

Terms and Conditions: Our terms and conditions will be fine tuned as we go into Open Beta and Official Launch.

Load times: App is running 100% off our server. Our first task coming out of this launch is to rebuild our front end for native iOS. This will allow us to add smooth transitions and drastically decrease load times between pages.

Image compression: We will work to improve our image compression. This will improve load times and the quality of uploads into the platform.

Personal profile: We are well aware of how basic and simple our user profile pages are. This will undergo a significant rework during our Alpha testing and as we approach Open Beta.

Share/Privacy settings for profile: Choosing privacy settings for the information shared on your profile is not working. The options for public/friends only/private in the user profile are simply place holders. Please assume all information will be displayed as “public” during Closed Alpha.

Legacy Cancelation period: We are aware some parts of this feature can be quite confusing. We will work to refine this process and improve the user experience.

Payments: Our app will be a free to use app, during our Closed Alpha, Open Beta, and Official Launch. There will be opportunities to link payment methods and make in app purchases to modify and enhance your experience.

Logout: Logging out through the settings does not prompt with a warning to prevent the accidental inconvenience of having to log back in.

Removing Executor: Removing an executor does not prompt you with a warning before the executor is removed. This can be quite inconvenient, as you will need to go through the process of adding your executor again, and waiting for them to accept.

Page refresh (across entire app): The ability to refresh pages by swiping down will be implemented in the near future.

Intuitive “go back”: Swiping from left to right on any screen to go back is not built yet. This will be implemented for our Open Beta (possibly during front end rework).

Under construction: You may come across several pages that are under construction, we will be working on these over the coming months leading into our Open Beta launch

SocialFi: The SocialFi area of the app and all SocialFi features are under development and should be made available for Open Beta.

MachineFi: MachineFi features are under development and should be made available for Open Beta.

Apple push notification: We hope to enable APN as soon as possible after releasing the Closed Alpha.

OmniAuth: We hope to enable OmniAuth (Google, Facebook, and more…) as soon as possible after releasing the Closed Alpha

Biometrics: We hope to enable biometric login as soon as possible after releasing the Closed Alpha.

Designs: The application will undergo a design rework for Open Beta.

User Experience & User Journey: We have plans to implement an entirely new, more simplified and efficient user interface and journey. Framework is underway, and will soon be sent off for designs.

Kind regards,

Eric Bureaud

CTO, Co-Founder

myJeenie Corp.