Every company has their own protocol and policies regarding the accounts of deceased users. When you are left with someone’s digital estate, it can be an overwhelming project to tackle. Many people do not loewe explicit instructions for what to do with their various digital accounts like social media, emails, gaming accounts, and other personal assets. For many accounts, a person will want these assets closed after they have passed. Unfortunately, it will not be a straightforward process for every account. 

It is important that when you are attempting to close your loved one’s account that you are a close family member. It is much easier to get accounts closed by a close relative than an individual who has no relation to the person, unless you have been named their executor or digital executor in their Will. It is always best to have a digital copy of the deceased's death certificate or obituary to send to the company, as proof of death. Also, it is important to provide a proof of relation or of your appointed executorship to the company. Including a proof of death and your proof of relation to the deceased in your initial communication with the company will very quickly expedite your request. 

Many companies have customer service emails, forms, or means of communication for you to reach out to them for this purpose. This may take some digging but part of handling someone’s estate is being patient. It is not an easy task and sometimes it will take time and a lot of communication before your request is granted. The shocking fact is closing an account is actually much easier than asking many companies to do anything else with an account that isn’t owned by you. Retrieving information or being able to access another person’s account is near impossible in most cases due to privacy policies and account policies that many companies have.