When you first consider passing on digital assets, you need to gather and consider all your digital accounts. Gathering a master list of all your accounts and logins will make it easier for you to create a plan for each of your accounts. Since not all websites and applications will allow family and friends to access and manage your accounts without expressed consent in the form of a will, your login information is very important because you may need to pass this information on to your executor. Keep in mind that when you allow a fiduciary to log into your accounts, you are giving up your privacy and allowing the person to fully access your accounts. Once you’ve determined the end goal for each of your accounts, you need to determine who you will pass these accounts. You can choose to pass each account to different individuals or you can have one person serve as fiduciary to manage, distribute, and close accounts. 

While you can write down a master list of all your accounts and store them in a safe file or safe in your home, shouldn’t you consider a digital means of storing this valuable information? With modern technological advances available, storing your sensitive and valuable login information on paper in a safe is like stuffing money under your mattress. In fact, some of your accounts may include financial login information for your online banking account or cryptocurrency wallet. This isn’t a secure and sensible means to store this type of information, which is why myJeenie developed a means to store securely store and pass on this sensitive information.