Unfortunately, once you die, your family can't legally obtain access to your online accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts. Due to the terms and conditions stated by many companies, family and friends are restricted from receiving login information and access to accounts. Without you taking action to give someone your login information, everything on these online profiles, accounts, and more will be lost. There is currently no legal means for your family to take over these accounts; however, many companies will allow family members to reach out to deactivate the accounts. Keep in mind, that all information, photos, and information on those accounts will be deleted. 

If you want someone to take control of your digital legacy after you pass, it is best to assign a Digital Executor, while not a legally recognized title. This person will be entrusted with all your account information and directions on how to handle each account after you pass. This role is becoming increasingly important in our society in which we live so much of our lives online. Make sure you carefully plan how you want your digital legacy to be handled so your Digital Executor can adhere to your wishes.