Keep Your Digital Assets Safe and Secure

Digital Estate Management provides a comprehensive solution for managing and protecting your digital assets. From your social media accounts to your online banking information, we help you preserve your digital legacy for future generations.

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Benefits of Digital Estate Management

How will Digital Estate Management secure your digital legacy?


Ensure your digital estate is secure

Digital Estate Management provides a secure place for your online information and protects your loved ones from fraud and cyberattacks.


Simplify end-of-life planning

With Digital Estate Management, you can organize and store all your online accounts, making it easier for your loved ones to manage your digital assets in the event of your passing.


Manage your digital footprint

Digital Estate Management allows you to maintain control over your online presence, even after death, by managing your social media and other digital assets.


Provide peace of mind to your loved ones

By ensuring that your digital assets are managed and accessible to your loved ones, Digital Estate Management gives them peace of mind and a sense of closure.


Maintain your privacy

With Digital Estate Management, you can specify which accounts and information you want to be managed, and which should be deleted, ensuring that your privacy is respected.

Save time and hassle

Digital Estate Management simplifies the process of managing your digital assets and end-of-life planning, saving your loved ones time and hassle during a difficult time.

Secure your digital legacy with myJeenie

Don't leave your digital assets to chance

myJeenie's digital estate management feature helps you to manage and protect your digital assets, and make sure that your digital legacy is preserved.

Digital Estate Management FAQs

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Digital Estate Management is the process of managing an individual's online presence and digital assets after their death or incapacitation.

myJeenie allows users to link and manage a variety of different digital accounts, such as social media and email, and assign a trusted Jeenie to manage these accounts in the event of their passing. This allows users to ensure their digital legacy is preserved and their accounts are closed or managed according to their wishes.

myJeenie takes the security and privacy of its users very seriously. We use the latest encryption and security protocols to ensure that your digital assets are safe and only accessible to the trusted Jeenie you assign.

You can share your plan and Jeenie information with your loved ones and trusted advisors so that they can access your accounts and digital assets in the event of your passing.

As we continue to live more of our lives online, it is important to consider what happens to our digital assets after we pass away. Without proper planning and management, important information, memories, and even financial assets could be lost or inaccessible to loved ones.

Without proper planning, your digital assets may be lost or inaccessible to your loved ones. With myJeenie, you can assign a trusted Jeenie to inherit your digital assets and manage them according to your wishes.

Yes, you can update your plan and assign a new Jeenie at any time through the myJeenie app.

myJeenie can manage a wide range of digital assets, including email accounts, social media accounts, online storage accounts, cryptocurrency wallets, and more.