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Earn and Inherit with SocialFi

SocialFi provides a revolutionary platform that allows you to earn and inherit based on your social media data. With our unique features and functionalities, you can preserve your digital legacy and provide for your loved ones.

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Benefits of SocialFi

How will SocialFi change the way you connect with others?


Connect with others and earn.

Join the myJeenie community to connect with others and earn utility tokens, just for sharing your data.


Earn from your digital assets.

Store and manage your digital/crypto assets with myJeenie and inherit them along with your earnings down to your loved ones.


Stay connected even when you’re gone.

Use the DDS engine to schedule text messages to your loved ones for critical dates, ensuring you’re always present in their lives.


Protect and secure your information.

Use myLockbox to securely store your most valuable information and documents, and inherit them to your friends and family.


Celebrate life and memories together.

Opt-in to the Condolences feature to rally your community together in celebration of life, and offer support during difficult times.


Transparent and predictable tokenomics.

Our economy is built around the $WISH token and carefully manages the token supply to create a sustainable SocialFi experience for our users.

Leave a lasting legacy.

With myJeenie, you can write and schedule messages to be delivered at a future date, creating a legacy of your values, experiences, and memories.

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Collaborate and create.

Invite team members from all around the world to work on content and see updates in real-time, to create content together.


Get inspired and unleash your creativity.

Unleash your creativity and spark new ideas with myJournal, a platform for private storyboards and interactive scrapbooks.

Have a voice.

Join the myJeenie community and be part of a larger movement, sharing your thoughts and values to create a brighter future for all.

Time is valuable.

Save time and simplify your life with myJeenie’s comprehensive digital estate management, enabling you to manage, post, and shut down accounts when the time is right.


Strengthen family bonds.

Use myCapsules to share and preserve memories with friends and family, creating an everlasting gift for future generations.

Join the SocialFi Revolution!

Connect, Share and Earn with myJeenie.

Experience a new era of social media with myJeenie's SocialFi. Join us today and start earning for sharing your data and content!

SocialFi FAQs

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SocialFi is a feature of the myJeenie platform that allows users to earn money by sharing their data with advertisers and brands, as well as allowing them to extend their digital legacy beyond their physical lifespan.

Yes, your data is safe with SocialFi. We take data privacy very seriously and follow industry best practices for securing user data. Additionally, users have control over which data sources they link to their myJeenie profile, and can choose to unlink them at any time.

To get started with SocialFi, simply create a myJeenie account and link your social media accounts and other data sources. You will then be able to start earning money by sharing your data and extending your digital legacy.

SocialFi works by allowing users to link their social media accounts and other data sources to their myJeenie profile. Advertisers and brands can then access this data, and users are paid for sharing it. Additionally, users can schedule messages and posts to be delivered at a future date, ensuring that they can continue to share their thoughts and messages with loved ones even after they have passed away.

The amount you can earn with SocialFi depends on how much data you are willing to share and which advertisers and brands are interested in your data. However, we strive to provide fair compensation to our users for sharing their data.

$WISH is a utility token for myJeenie ecosystem and SocialFi experience.

XRC20 Smart Contract :

- Web3 : 0xb5203a2dc59ac37314f35fd00890621088cf7dcd

- IoTeX : io1k5sr5tw9ntphx98ntlgq3yrzzzyv7lwdyt7ahl

Smart Contract URL :