We are all too familiar with how current social media platforms function, and the unique offerings each one of these more common platforms offer to their users. Collect friends and followers, subscribe to your favorite influencers or companies for updates, join or create a community, build, post, repeat… These platforms offer immense value to their users, allowing anyone with an internet connection and smart device to connect and interact with people and entities around the world. Said platforms offer what we at myJeenie call the “living timeline”. Functions and features that enable users to post, share, and interact with other users, so long as they are… well “alive”. Throughout a user’s lifespan, they will experience many of these platforms, create accounts, and share some of their most meaningful moments for all to see. This data is used by these large organizations to fuel an economy behind the scenes. Users are shrouded from this reality and simply put, used as individual data farms for their hivemind overlords. What if a platform existed that did two things these other platforms do not? What if a platform existed that not only enabled users to get paid for their data, but also allowed the “living timeline” to extend well beyond their physical lifespan?

Chief Technology Officer Eric Bureaud

Eric Bureaud is a software engineer and project leader, specializing in autonomous aeronautical systems with a strong background in mathematics. He has obtained degrees in applied mathematics and electrical engineering with a focus on statistical learning. Currently, Eric works as a Staff Software Engineer at a reputable aeronautics company. His respectful leadership approach drives his team’s motivation while his analytical decision making puts them on the path to success. His passion and drive to always do his best is not only contagious but is what has made him so successful throughout his career.


Chief Marketing Officer Shovan Samuel

As the CMO at myJeenie, as Marketing Technology expert Shovan Samuel is responsible for creating and executing the company’s marketing strategy and product launch. Shovan’s vision is to enable myJeenie customers to preserve and share their life experience with their friends and family through myJeenie.

Tokenomics Ecosystem

Marketing Director Elizabeth Quach

Elizabeth Quach has been a digital marketing specialist for the past seven years for a variety of industries and is known for her strengths as a creative director, content writer, and social media and content strategist. Her drive for creative expression has been her strongest tool throughout her career and has allowed her to build strong brands and the communities associated with them. She is known for her creative and aggressive marketing strategies that yield powerful results. Her passion can be seen in everything she does and she always strives to learn from every experience.

Myjournal Ecosystem

Director Support John Ballew

John Ballew is a support-driven, experience-focused individual with many years of customer-facing experience. Right now John works as an underwriter for GEICO, as well as the Director of Support for myJeenie. He also helps maintain several different communities across multiple platforms such as Discord and Twitch.

Time Capsule Ecosystem

Software Development Intern Ryan Farruggia

Ryan Farruggia is a Senior Computer Science student at California State University - Sacramento. His main career interests include software and web app development and enjoys working alongside other dedicated developers to produce beautiful, modern, and functional products. He is currently a software development intern at myJeenie and one day hopes to work as a full-time software engineer.


What people are saying about myJeenie

Mary Smith, 54, Los Angeles
Life-Changing App for Seniors

MyJeenie has completely transformed the way my elderly mother communicates with our family. The easy-to-use interface and AI assistant feature have made it possible for her to stay connected with us in a way that was never possible before. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to improve the quality of life for their elderly loved ones.

John Adams, 36, New York
A Game Changer for Long-Distance Families

MyJeenie has been a lifesaver for our family, who are spread out across the country. The scheduled messaging feature has allowed us to keep in touch on a regular basis, and the AI assistant makes it easy for my elderly parents to use. We couldn't be happier with this app!

Sarah Lee, 28, Chicago
The Best App for Grandparents

MyJeenie has been a game changer for my grandparents, who live alone and were feeling isolated. The app's messaging and photo-sharing features have allowed them to stay connected with family and friends, and the AI assistant makes it easy for them to use. Thank you, myJeenie!

James Anderson, 48, San Francisco
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MyJeenie is an amazing app that has helped my elderly father stay connected with his grandchildren. The easy-to-use interface and AI assistant have made it possible for him to send messages and photos with ease. I highly recommend this app to anyone with elderly loved ones

Emily Chen, 31, Seattle
Incredible App for Family Connections

MyJeenie has been an incredible app for connecting our family, especially during these difficult times. The scheduled messaging feature has allowed us to stay in touch on a regular basis, and the AI assistant makes it easy for my elderly parents to use. We are so grateful for this app!

Michael Johnson, 42, Houston
Must-Have App for Elderly Parents

MyJeenie is a must-have app for anyone with elderly parents who want to stay connected. The app's easy-to-use interface and AI assistant make it a breeze for my parents to send messages and photos. We couldn't be happier with this app!

Samantha Davis, 38, Miami
Perfect App for Long-Distance Parents

MyJeenie has been the perfect app for our long-distance parenting. The scheduled messaging and photo-sharing features have allowed us to stay connected and share and protect family moments with each other. The app is easy to use and the AI assistant makes it even easier. Thank you, myJeenie!