2Pose Digital00

We are all too familiar with how current social media platforms function, and the unique offerings each one of these more common platforms offer to their users. Collect friends and followers, subscribe to your favorite influencers or companies for updates, join or create a community, build, post, repeat… These platforms offer immense value to their users, allowing anyone with an internet connection and smart device to connect and interact with people and entities around the world. Said platforms offer what we at myJeenie call the “living timeline”. Functions and features that enable users to post, share, and interact with other users, so long as they are… well “alive”. Throughout a user’s lifespan, they will experience many of these platforms, create accounts, and share some of their most meaningful moments for all to see. This data is used by these large organizations to fuel an economy behind the scenes. Users are shrouded from this reality and simply put, used as individual data farms for their hivemind overlords. What if a platform existed that did two things these other platforms do not? What if a platform existed that not only enabled users to get paid for their data, but also allowed the “living timeline” to extend well beyond their physical lifespan?