Store Your Digital Assets with Confidence

myLockbox provides a secure and easy-to-use digital storage solution for your most valuable assets. Keep your photos, documents, and memories safe for future generations.

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Multiple Attachments

Store all your important documents in one place with multiple attachments
  • Store various types of files including images, PDFs, and more

  • Group multiple attachments into one Lockbox entry

  • Easily access and share all your important documents from one secure location

Multiple Attachments

Encrypted Storage

Keep your data safe with secure encrypted storage on myJeenie servers
  • All your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest

  • Your data is backed up regularly to ensure that it is never lost

  • Only you have access to your myLockbox entries

Encrypted Storage

Unlimited Entries

Keep all your important data in one secure location with unlimited entries
  • Add as many entries to your Lockbox as you need

  • Group entries by category or importance

  • Never worry about running out of space to store your important information

Unlimited Entries

View Anytime

Access your myLockbox entries anytime, anywhere
  • View your Lockbox entries from any device with an internet connection

  • No need to worry about carrying physical copies of important documents

  • Access and share your entries whenever and wherever you need them

View Anytime

Secure Sharing

Share your important data securely and privately with your chosen contacts
  • Choose who you share your data with, and how long they can access it

  • Set permissions to ensure that your data is only accessed by the right people

  • Your data is securely transferred and encrypted for your peace of mind

Secure Sharing

Secure Transfer

Transfer your data securely between your devices and your myLockbox
  • Securely upload data to your myLockbox from any device

  • Download data securely to any device from your myLockbox

  • Securely transfer data between myLockbox entries for easy management

Secure Transfer

Easy Management

Manage your data with ease using myLockbox's intuitive interface
  • Quickly add, edit, or delete Lockbox entries

  • Easily organize your entries by category or importance

  • Intuitive design makes managing your data simple and stress-free

Easy Management

Benefits of myLockbox

How myLockbox helps you protect and manage your most valuable information


Securely store your sensitive information

Keep your most valuable information and documents safe and secure with myLockbox's advanced security features.


Hassle-free password management

With myLockbox, you can easily generate strong passwords, autofill login pages, and update passwords in real-time.


Safely pass on your legacy

Use myLockbox to grant your loved ones access to your most valuable information and documents, and make sure your legacy is passed on securely.

Save time and effort

myLockbox simplifies the process of storing and managing your sensitive information, saving you time and effort.


Works with your existing services

myLockbox is compatible with a wide range of services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud.


Enjoy peace of mind

With myLockbox, you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is safe and secure, and that it will be passed on to your loved ones when the time is right.

Keep your confidential files secure

Get unlimited storage and ensure that your files are safe with myLockbox

Store your documents, photos, and other important files in a highly secure location with myLockbox. No need to worry about losing them or exposing them to others.

myLockbox FAQs

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myLockbox is a secure digital storage feature offered by myJeenie that allows users to safely store sensitive information, such as passwords, bank account information, and personal documents.

Yes, myLockbox is accessible from any device with the myJeenie app installed, as long as you have the correct login credentials.

You can easily add information to myLockbox through the myJeenie app. Simply navigate to the myLockbox section and follow the prompts to enter the information you want to store.

Yes, you can choose to share specific pieces of information from myLockbox with other myJeenie users. Simply select the information you want to share and the user you want to share it with, and myJeenie will handle the rest.

myLockbox uses advanced encryption technology to protect your information. All data stored in myLockbox is encrypted with a unique key that only you have access to, and the information is stored on secure servers with 24/7 monitoring.

You can store a variety of sensitive information in myLockbox, including passwords, bank account information, legal documents, insurance policies, and more.

Your information will remain securely stored on myJeenie's servers, even if you delete the app from your device. However, you will need to reinstall the app and log in to access your myLockbox information.

You can designate specific contacts in myJeenie to inherit your myLockbox information after you pass away, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure and accessible to your loved ones.