myJeenie - Features
Delayed Delivery Service (DDS)

Our Delayed Delivery Service (DDS) engine sits at the heart of myJeenie and serves as the engine for many of the platform's features.

1Pose Delayed00

Imagine sending a message to the future, to a friend, a family member, a partner, anyone. This is made a reality by our Delayed Delivery Service (DDS) engine. A Happy Birthday Letter, A Letter for an anniversary, any message you wish to send personalized and sent to anyone, at any time in the future you choose.

The Delayed Delivery Service will be utilized to store large numbers of personalized messages to be delivered to their respective recipients at a date and time specified by the creator.


A secure way to store and share your passwords and important documents.

3Pose Lockbox00

At myJeenie, we understand some information may be more sensitive, and thus requires a higher level of security. Things like passwords, documents, and even the occasional family recipe might need a little more attention from our security experts while being stored and handed down. 

myLockbox will provide users the ability to store their most valuable information and documents securely, while also granting them the ability to inherit said information to their friends and family.

We are also very aware that passwords do not last forever. It is best practice to change your passwords every six months, and this is why myLockbox will also serve as a password management tool. Users will be able to automatically generate strong passwords, autofill login pages, and modify some of their most valuable inheritable information in real time. The passwords your loved ones receive can and will always be up to date with myLockbox.


A beautiful way to share your life, feelings and memories, with your loved ones.

5Pose myJournal

We are all very familiar with the traditional social media feed and/or wall. myJeenie will implement the Private Storyboard and Interactive Scrapbook, allowing users to securely build their legacy for when the time is right. Messages, photos, videos, feelings, and memories can be posted to this private Storyboard over time.

When the time is right, each user’s Jeenie will make sure their Storyboard is curated into an elegant Interactive Scrapbook and Memorial Shrine and then delivered to friends and loved ones. This custom Interactive Scrapbook will provide loved ones a glimpse into the past, closure in the present, and a vision for the future while assisting them with the needed materials to host a beautiful memorial in their loved one’s name.

Digital Estate Management

An easier way for your loved ones to manage your accounts when the time comes.

2Pose Digital01

The process of recovering and shutting down accounts of the recently deceased can be hard for our loved ones. Many platforms require a death certificate and unwanted conversations with strangers during a time that is meant for grieving. myJeenie will allow users to link and connect a variety of different account types to their profile, leaving the oversight of these accounts for their Jeenie to handle in their place. Our aim is to allow users to manage or shut down their accounts when the time is right, without the need of these stressful conversations and emotionally strenuous tasks.

Digital Asset Inheritance

A secure way to pass down your digital assets to friends and family.

4Pose Assetinheritance00

As a partial Web3 platform, the ability to securely store and manage a variety of digital/crypto assets is a key offering for our users. myJeenie will allow users to not only store these assets with us, they will also be able to earn native $JEENIE utility tokens, and seamlessly inherit their assets along with their earnings down to friends and loved ones.